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2024 Board of Directors Elections

This site also provides quick access to election information you may need.

Candidate Name and Place Number

  • Roger G. Smith - Vice President - Director Seat #2

  • David L. Desormeaux - Director Seat #4

Notice of Deadline To File An Application For Place On The Ballot


Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions 

May 4, 2024 Election Calendar

2024 Candidate Application Packet

Certification of Unopposed Status

Resolution 2024-02 - Order as to Unopposed Status of Directors Candidates

May 4, 2024

Lumberton Municipal Utility District is composed of 5 members who serve four-year terms.

Elected Officers and Year elected Officer’s Term Expires

  • Nicholas N. Carter – President – Director Seat #3 – 2026

  • Roger G. Smith  - Vice President – Director Seat #2 – 2024

  • David C. Pitchford – Secretary – Director Seat #1 – 2026

  • James B. Burk – Director Seat #5 – 2026

  • David L. Desormeaux – Director Seat #4 – 2024


No person's name shall be placed on the ballot unless he or she is at least eighteen (18) years of age, a citizen of the United States, a resident of the State of Texas, either owns land subject to taxation in the District or is a qualified voter within the District, has filed a loyalty affidavit with the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and otherwise satisfies the qualifications for holding a public office contained in the Texas Election Code.  No person who is disqualified by the laws of the State of Texas from serving as a director of this District shall have his or her name placed on the ballot.  The Board of Directors of the District is authorized to determine the qualifications of candidates for office.  If the Board of Directors determines that an applicant is not qualified, it shall give written notice to the applicant of the reason for the rejection.  Blank applications, loyalty affidavits, and copies of the Resolution may be obtained from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the District, 625 FM 421 or P.O. Box 8065, Lumberton, Texas 77657, (409) 755-1559.

The first day to file for a place on the ballot had not been posted by the state at the time of this posting.  The Administrative Assistant will begin accepting applications at the above-mentioned places on the dates to be announced later by the state. Historically, filing dates run from mid-January to mid-February of the election year. The Administrative Assistant will receive applications at this location during the business week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is no filing fee.

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